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Report on Consolidation of DOT Accounting Functions

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On June 17, we issued our report on DOT’s efforts to consolidate its routine accounting functions at the FAA Enterprise Services Center (Services Center) in Oklahoma City, OK. We found that both financial and operational benefits will accrue to the Department from consolidating routine accounting functions of six non-FAA accounting offices and nine FAA accounting offices at the Services Center. FAA estimated savings of $4.8 from consolidating its nine accounting offices. We estimate that DOT could save an additional $2.3 million annually by consolidating functions of the non-FAA accounting offices.

We recommended that DOT estimate potential cost savings that would result from consolidating routine accounting functions at the Services Center, continue to work with the Operating Administrations and the Services Center to complete the consolidation, accumulate reliable data to improve the efficiency of Services Center operations, and establish financial and operational goals to maximize potential benefits by streamlining and improving operations. The DOT Deputy CFO concurred with the report findings and recommendations.