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Follow-up Audit of the Implementation of the North American Free Trade Agreement’s Cross-Border Trucking Provisions

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Our audit found that FMCSA has sufficient staff, facilities, equipment, and procedures in place to substantially meet the eight Section 350 provisions in the FY 2002 Transportation and Related Agencies Appropriations Act subject to OIG review. However, until an agreement or other understandings related to on-site safety reviews is reached with Mexico, FMCSA cannot, in our view, grant long-haul operating authority to any Mexican motor carrier. Additionally, given new background requirements for U.S. drivers applying for hazardous materials endorsements, an agreement will need to be in place with Mexico before vehicles owned or leased by a Mexican motor carrier that is granted operating authority by FMCS can be permitted to haul hazardous materials beyond the commercial zones. While the negotiations are being carried out with Mexico on these two issues, which are preconditions to opening the border, FMCSA should close remaining gaps in reaching full compliance with Section 350 requirements related to bus coverage, enforcement authority, Weigh-in-Motion Systems, and the comprehensiveness of the system for monitoring Mexican driver records in the United States.