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Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Oversight of Commercial Driver's License Program

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On February 7, we issued a final report on our review of FMCSA’s oversight of the CDL
Program. We found that FMCSA has implemented specific actions to counter CDL fraud
but more must be done to identify those suspected of obtaining CDLs fraudulently and
remove CDLs when necessary. We recommended that FMCSA: (1) direct the states to
report on the final disposition of suspect drivers; (2) determine that state CDL programs
are out of compliance if the state fails to impose adequate internal controls to prevent
fraud, or fails to take or propose necessary corrective action; and (3) impose sanctions
against states that fail to establish adequate fraud control measures. FMCSA generally
agreed with our recommendations although the agency did not believe it had authority to
direct states to report on the disposition of suspect drivers when no specific or direct
evidence of fraud exists. The report discusses our view on this issue and points out how
FMCSA can use its authority under Federal regulations to promote strong state programs
to counter CDL fraud.