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Massachusetts Road Construction Company Pays $900,000 to Settle Civil Case

On November 3, PA Landers, Inc., a Massachusetts road construction company, agreed to pay the US government $900,000 to settle Civil False Claims in connection with a conspiracy to defraud the Commonwealth of Massachusetts by generating false and inflated weight tickets for truck loads of asphalt on federally–funded road paving contracts from 1995 until 2003. The civil complaint alleged that PA Landers’ president, Preston Landers, vice president, Gregory Keelan and other company managers used an override device in the asphalt plant’s computer to inflate asphalt weight tickets. The civil case is the culmination of the DOT/OIG’s investigation that resulted in PA Landers and both Preston Landers and Greg Keelan being found guilty by a jury in May 2007 in U.S District Court in Boston, MA. In August 2007, PA Landers was sentenced to four years probation and a $3 million fine, while its former President, Preston Landers, received 42 months imprisonment and its former vice president, Greg Keelan, received 30 months imprisonment. The case was prosecuted by the United States Attorney’s Office in Boston.