Audit Reports

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Land Acquisition and Relocation Assistance at the Seattle-Tacoma and Reno-Tahoe International Airports

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We issued a final report on Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) oversight of airport land acquisition and relocation assistance programs at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (Seattle-Tacoma) and Reno-Tahoe International Airport (Reno-Tahoe). Based on our survey results, we did not expand our audit nationwide. We found that sponsors for the two airports generally acquired property and relocated occupants consistent with applicable laws and regulations. However, we questioned Reno-Tahoe’s planned use of $1.5 million in AIP funds to relocate several buildings that no longer appear to have historical significance. We recommended that FAA reassess whether it should participate in relocating the buildings, and if FAA shares our observations, the grant used to acquire the land should be closed and any unexpended funds should be made available for other AIP projects.