Top Management Challenges

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DOT's FY 2001 Top Management Challenges

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The third annual OIG list of the top management challenges facing DOT highlights progress and needed actions in 10 broad 10 areas. The report documented important progress in some areas, including the first clean opinion on DOT financial statements and the need to resolve some outstanding issues, such as the sharp increases and record highs in runway incursions and controller operational errors. This year's report expanded the Air Traffic Control Modernization area to include issues of aviation capacity - including runway and airport capacity - and the impact this is having on customer service, particularly cancellations and delays. We also created a new, comprehensive item on Departmental Business practices by combining existing items on GPRA, FAA financing, and financial accounting and by adding other Departmentwide concerns, including human resources management, the new DOT Headquarters building, TASC's role in providing administrative services, and the pace of Departmental rulemakings.