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Review of Security Controls Over Air Courier Shipments

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The Federal Aviation Administration and the Inspector General issued a final report to the Secretary of Transportation on shipments made on passenger airlines by air couriers. OIG and FAA teams conducted a joint review of security controls for these shipments, testing air carrier and air courier compliance with Federal regulations applicable to air courier shipments presented for transport on commercial aircraft. Specifically, the objectives of the review were to determine whether: (1) air carriers and air couriers followed their FAA-approved security programs; and (2) air couriers properly declared and documented all shipments, including hazardous materials. This final report is a follow-up to work performed in October and November of 1997, prompted by an October 1, 1997 spill of a noxious substance in an aircraft awaiting departure at Miami International Airport. The final report reflects that significant non-compliance still exists. This report contains sensitive security information. Therefore, the report will not be placed on our website. For copies of a "redacted" version of this report, please filed a Freedom of Information Act request. Click here for a link to OIG's E-FOIA page.