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Initial Findings of Review of Argenbright Security, Inc.

OIG and FAA today released initial results of an ongoing review of background checks of security screeners employed by Argenbright Security, Inc. at 14 airports. The special security assessment was begun Friday, October 12 by joint teams comprised of officials from OIG and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Preliminary findings of the assessment have found that: 1)Screeners at some airports had a prior criminal record that should have disqualified them from employment in security sensitive positions; 2)Investigators have also worked with the Immigration and Naturalization Service to determine whether employees who were foreign nationals had authorization to work in the U.S; 3) an individual was arrested October 13 at Dulles International Airport and charged with attempting to board an aircraft with a concealed pocketknife; and 4) a spot check of screeners of Dulles also found that 7 of 20 screeners were unable to pass the test required as a condition of working at checkpoints.