Top Management Challenges

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DOT’s FY 2011 Top Management Challenges

On November 15, we issued our annual report on the top management challenges facing the Department in FY 2011.  The issues comprising this year’s report are:  ensuring transparency and accountability in the Department's Recovery Act programs; maintaining momentum in the Department’s oversight of highway, motor vehicle, hazardous materials, and transit safety; maintaining momentum in addressing human factors and improving safety oversight of the aviation industry; improving the Department's oversight of highway, transit, and pipeline infrastructure; identifying sufficient funding sources to support future Federal investment in surface transportation infrastructure; transforming the Federal Railroad Administration to address significantly expanded oversight responsibilities; advancing the next generation air transportation system while ensuring the safe and efficient operation of the National Airspace System; implementing processes to improve the Department’s acquisitions and contract management; and improving the Department's cyber security. 

This report was included in the Department’s Performance and Accountability Report, as required by law.