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FAA A&P Mechanic Sentenced to Three Years Probation for Falsifying Aircraft Parts Repairs and Aircraft Inspections

On February 7, David Stanley Fisher was sentenced in U.S. District Court , Gainesville, Florida, to three years probation and a $300 special assessment for falsifying the overhaul of a Bell Helicopter main rotor hub assembly and for falsifying the 100 hour inspections on two Bell Helicopters.

Mr. Fisher admitted that while employed at World Aircraft Connections, Inc., in Williston, Florida, as a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) licensed mechanic with Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) ratings, he signed off that he overhauled a main rotor hub assembly, a compressor assembly, a turbine assembly, and a gearbox assembly with new parts when the investigation revealed the parts were removed from a crashed helicopter.  He further admitted that he signed off on two 100 hour inspections for the same two helicopters when in fact he did not complete proper inspections of the aircraft.

As a condition of his plea and sentence, Mr. Fisher agreed to permanently surrender and forfeit his FAA aircraft and mechanics license, and to not reapply for this license upon completion of his sentence.  Mr. Fisher surrendered his A&P certificate to the USDC at sentencing, and the certificate will be provided to the FAA.

This investigation was conducted with assistance from the Federal Aviation Administration.