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Operational Errors and Runway Incursions

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Our audit found an 11 percent reduction in the number of operational errors and 17 percent fewer runway incursions in FY 2002 than FY 2001. Nonetheless, FAA still needs to take additional actions to further reduce the number of incidents and safety risks they pose. To decrease operational errors, we recommended that FAA: (1) re-examine its rating system to more accurately identify high-risk errors; (2) require mandatory training for controllers who make multiple errors or moderate- and high-risk errors; (3) evaluate the impact of the expanded Controller-in-Charge Program on operational errors; (4) improve oversight of regions and facilities that do not show progress in reducing operational errors; and (5) implement memory-enhancement training for controllers. To reduce runway incursions, we suggested that FAA implement recommendations from recently completed technology reviews of problem airports and conduct reviews at four additional airports. FAA concurred with most of our recommendations. We asked FAA to reconsider its response to the others.