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Report on the Air Traffic Organization's Management Controls Over Credit Hours

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On June 21, we issued a final report on the Air Traffic Organization (ATO) and local air traffic facility policies. Our review indicated that since the implementation of the 1998 FAA/National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA) collective bargaining agreement, the number of credit hours earned by ATO employees doubled from 503,000 hours to nearly 1.2 million hours in FY 2005 or the equivalent of approximately 577 full-time positions. We also found that despite the large numbers of credit hours being earned, ATO had no assurances that the credit hours were justified, necessary, or in the best interest of the Government because the ATO's management controls over the earning and use of credit hours were insufficient. The lack of controls resulted in a myriad of local credit hour policies many of which limited facility management's ability to determine if and when credit hours were necessary. During our review, the ATO took timely action to address our concerns and improve its management oversight of credit hours by identifying agreements that needed to be renegotiated or rescinded