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Key Challenges Facing the Transportation Security Administration

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The Inspector General testified before the House Transportation Appropriations Subcommittee regarding three issues with the most significant fiscal implications for TSA. These are:

  • Hiring and training TSA’s work force. From July through October, TSA will need to hire 7,000−8,000 passenger screeners each month so that over 400 airports can be converted to a federalized screening system by the November 19 deadline.
  • Screening checked baggage. By December 31, TSA and its contractor Boeing Service Company must install and have operational at least 900 explosives detection systems and about 5,800 trace machines.
  • Improving cost controls. Despite progress, TSA needs to do more to build in cost control mechanisms—in establishing employee compensation and controlling salaries, defining its missions beyond screening passengers and checked baggage, and addressing other workforce costs, such as law enforcement training, premium pay, and utilizing airport space.

    Under Secretary Magaw also testified.