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Former Department of Defense Contract Employees and Trucking Company Owners Plead Guilty to Charges in Motor Fuels Tax Evasion Scheme

From February 23 to March 5, 2012, the co-owners of RJ Baca Trucking, Fernando J. Baca and Richard Baca, and two former employees of Trajen Flight Support, Luis Campos, and Tomas Quintero, pled guilty to various criminal charges resulting from a conspiracy to steal aviation fuel from Briggs Army Airfield (Briggs AAF), El Paso, Texas, for use in commercial trucks.  Department of Defense contractor, Trajen Flight Support, operates the refueling station at Briggs AAF and is reimbursed for motor fuels excise taxes paid for all fuel used at the airbase.  Mr. Quintero would notify the Bacas when to bring their trucks onto the airfield for fueling.   Mr. Quintero and Mr. Campos would then produce false inventory records to conceal the stolen fuel from the Army.  The Bacas would pay $1.50 to $1.75 a gallon to Mr. Quintero or Mr. Campos for the fuel, and on occasion resell the fuel for up to $2.90 a gallon.  

Sentencing dates for these individuals are set as follows:  Fernando Baca, May 15, 2012; RJ Baca, May 22, 2012; Tomas Quintero, May 23, 2012; and Luis Campos, May 24, 2012.  

This was a joint investigation with the Defense Criminal Investigative Service, the Texas Controllers Office and the Army Criminal Investigation Command.