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Virginia Man Sentenced for Faulty Inspections and Certifications of Cylinders Containing Hazardous Materials

On May 24, 2012, Stephen Paul Ganger, of Norfolk, Virginia, was convicted and sentenced in District Court, Norfolk, Virginia, to a suspended sentence of 24 years of incarceration and a $60,000 fine for multiple violations of failing to properly test cylinders containing hazardous materials according to Pipelines and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) regulations and the state of Virginia fire prevention code.  In lieu of incarceration, Mr. Ganger was ordered to serve 36 months of probation and to meet certain special conditions, including performing 100 hours of community service and to reimburse $4,275 to the City of Norfolk for response costs.  

The investigation revealed that Mr. Ganger, Owner of Atlas Fire Protection, conducted faulty inspections of fire extinguishers in schools, hospitals and restaurants and falsely certified that these cylinders were in compliance with Norfolk Fire Code and the Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention Code.  During June 2011, DOT-OIG, PHMSA, Norfolk Fire Marshal's Office, and Chesapeake Fire Marshal's Office executed a search warrant on Atlas Fire Protection.  As a result of the search warrant, Mr. Ganger was charged by Norfolk's Fire Marshal's Office with numerous safety violations including failure to hydrostatically test cylinders in accordance with DOT standards.

This investigation was conducted with PHMSA, Norfolk Fire Marshal's Office, and Chesapeake Fire Marshal's Office.