Top Management Challenges

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DOT's FY 2010 Top Management Challenges

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On November 16, we issued our annual report on the top management challenges facing the Department in FY 2010. The issues comprising this year’s report are: maximizing the Department’s transportation economic recovery investments; enhancing surface safety programs to reduce injuries and fatalities while defining a new federal role in transit safety; maximizing Federal surface infrastructure investments by helping states better allocate resources and proving effective oversight; addressing human factors and strengthening the regulatory and oversight framework for aviation safety; moving toward the Next Generation Air Transportation System and improving performance of the National Airspace System; improving contract management and oversight; enhancing the ability to combat cyber attacks and improving the governance of information technology resources; developing a funding framework for the next surface transportation reauthorization; strengthening the Department’s acquisition workforce; and successfully implementing the newly created multi–billion dollar high–speed intercity passenger rail program.

This report was included in the Department’s Performance and Accountability Report, as required by law.