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Issues Pertaining To The Proposed NAFTA Cross-Border Trucking Demonstration Project

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On September 6, 2007, we issued our report on "Issues Pertaining to the Proposed NAFTA Cross-border Trucking Demonstration Project," as required by the May 2007 Iraqi Supplemental Appropriations Act (P.L. 110-28). Prior to initiating any demonstration project the Secretary of Transportation is required to take action as may be necessary to address any issues we raised in this report and submit a report to Congress detailing such actions. Our review found that FMCSA has implemented significant initiatives to address Congressional requirements and cross-border safety concerns. Despite these accomplishments, we identified three issues pertaining to the proposed demonstration project. The Secretary's report to Congress should at a minimum include actions being taken to: (1) ensure that sufficient plans are in place to carry out the Department's commitment to check every demonstration project truck every time it crosses the border into the United States, (2) ensure that state enforcement officials understand how to implement recent guidance on the demonstration project and that training initiatives filter down to roadside inspectors, and (3) address our determination that FMCSA has implemented policies, rules, and regulations that differ slightly from the language in 3 of 34 specific Congressional requirements.