Top Management Challenges

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DOT's FY 2012 Top Management Challenges

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On November 15, 2011, we issued our annual report on the top management challenges facing the Department in FY 2012.  The issues comprising this year’s report are:  enhancing the Department’s oversight of highway, bridge, and transit safety; ensuring effective oversight on key initiatives that can improve aviation safety; ensuring effective oversight of hazardous liquid and natural gas pipeline safety; ensuring effective oversight of ARRA projects and applying related lessons learned to improve DOT’s infrastructure programs; managing the next generation air transportation system advancement while controlling costs; managing DOT acquisitions in a more strategic manner to maximize limited resources and achieve better mission results; improving the Department’s cyber security; defining clear goals to guide the Federal Railroad Administration in its transformation; and utilizing Department credit programs to leverage limited federal transportation infrastructure resources.  This report was included in the Department’s Annual Financial Report, as required by law.