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Aviation Industry Performance: A Review of the Aviation Industry, 2008 - 2011

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On September 24, 2012, we issued the 11th in a series of periodic updates to our Aviation Industry Performance Report.  This report provides a comprehensive analysis of aviation industry trends in the 2008 to 2011 period and their impact on aviation system performance, demand, and capacity.  The report includes an overview followed by exhibits with more than 40 statistical charts (or metrics) organized in five areas:  airline finances, air traffic, flight service, delays and cancellations, and customer service.

The trends presented in the report portray an industry that has been in flux since 2008—one that is transforming to restore profitability and adapting to survive the challenges of a sustained economic downturn, high and volatile fuel prices, and a reduced demand for travel.  The industry has responded to these challenges by more aggressively adjusting fares and flight schedules, as well as dramatically consolidating through a series of airline mergers.