Top Management Challenges

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DOT's FY 2013 Top Management Challenges

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On November 15, 2012, we issued our annual report on the top management challenges facing the Department in fiscal year 2013.  The nine issues comprising this year’s report are as follows: ensuring The Next Generation Air Transportation System advances safety and air travel; enhancing the Federal Aviation Administration’s oversight and use of data to identify and mitigate safety risks; overseeing administration of key transportation assets to ensure their success and sustainability; strengthening existing surface safety programs and effectively implementing new safety requirements; maximizing surface infrastructure investments with effective program oversight and execution of new legislative requirements; adequately overseeing administration of high speed intercity passenger rail grant funds; strengthening financial management over grants to better use funds, create jobs, and improve infrastructure; ensuring effective management of DOT’s acquisitions to maximize value and program performance; and managing and securing information systems to efficiently modernize technology infrastructure and protect sensitive data from compromise.  This report was included in the Department’s Annual Financial Report, as required by law.