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Weaknesses in DOT's Suspension and Debarment Program Limit its Protection of Government Funds

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On March 18, 2010, the Inspector General testified on the Department of Transportation’s (DOT’s) Suspension and Debarment (S&D) Program.  This testimony was based on the Inspector General's January 7, 2010, audit report DOT's Suspension and Debarment Program Does Not Safeguard Against Awards to Improper Parties (ZA-2010-034).  The Inspector General cited how DOT's S&D decisions and reporting have been significantly delayed, which increases the risk that DOT and other agencies will award contracts and grants to parties that DOT will ultimately suspend or debar.  In addition, the Inspector General noted how weaknesses in DOT’s S&D policies, procedures, and internal controls make them inadequate to safeguard DOT’s efforts to exclude prohibited parties from obtaining contracts and grants.   Also, the Inspector General testimony cited our specific recommendations to DOT’s Senior Procurement Executive and to FAA to address these areas.