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Improvements to DOT’s Governance Processes Are Needed To Enhance Oversight of Major IT Investments

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On March 27, 2013, we issued our final report on DOT’s governance processes for its major information technology (IT) investments. We assessed whether: (1) DOT’s investment governance practices meet Federal and statutory investment oversight requirements and best practices; and (2) FAA and DOT provide sufficient oversight of FAA’s major IT investments.

We found that DOT’s investment oversight practices do not fully meet Office of Management and Budget requirements or DOT’s policies. For example, DOT does not have an active Investment Review Board or supporting boards to provide a comprehensive management framework for its major IT investments. Also, FAA and DOT face challenges in providing sufficient oversight of FAA’s major IT investments. For example, FAA’s Joint Resources Council has a comprehensive framework for investment governance, yet the Agency does not always follow the JRC’s approval and oversight processes. Until DOT and FAA address these shortfalls, their ability to effectively manage major acquisitions and make well-informed investment management decisions remains at risk, as does the Department’s ability to reap the benefits that accompany sound IT investment management and oversight strategies.

We made eight recommendations to improve DOT’s and FAA’s oversight of major IT investments. The Department concurred with all eight recommendations and stated that they have already implemented corrective actions for two recommendations, as of March 12, 2013.  For the other six recommendations DOT provided sufficient planned actions with reasonable target dates.