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FAA Has Not Adequately Implemented Security Requirements for Its En Route Automation Modernization System

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On December 19, 2012, we issued our self-initiated report on the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) En Route Automation Modernization (ERAM) Program’s information security controls.  ERAM will replace the 30-year old En Route Host computer and backup system, as well as more than 800 controller workstations at FAA’s Air Route Traffic Control Centers across the country. The program will facilitate aircraft separation and improve flight plan processing with flexible routing options; provide safety alerts to prevent collisions and congestion; and enable controllers to better handle unplanned events.

The objective of this audit was to determine the effectiveness of ERAM's information security controls, including whether or not FAA is identifying security risks and properly mitigating them. The Department determined that this report contains sensitive security information (SSI).  Accordingly, it is not available for public inspection or copying. If you would like a copy of this report with SSI redacted, please contact our Freedom of Information Act Office.