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Progress and Challenges With FAA's Facility Consolidation Effort

The Principal Assistant Inspector General for Auditing and Evaluation testified before the House Aviation Subcommittee on the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) efforts to consolidate air traffic facilities. 

Many of the Nation’s air traffic facilities have outlived their useful lives and cannot take advantage of newer technologies.  FAA formalized a plan last year to begin consolidating them into larger, integrated facilities over the next 2 decades, beginning with facilities managing airspace in the Northeast.  However, FAA is early in its planning and has delayed making a final decision until next May on where to build the first facility.  Regardless, FAA will still need to align consolidation plans with ongoing construction projects, make technical decisions that could significantly alter the cost and schedules for other modernization programs, finalize project cost estimates, and address associated workforce issues.  Although FAA’s consolidation plans are evolving, a number of near-term actions could better position the Agency for success.  These actions include incorporating lessons learned from prior consolidation efforts, developing metrics to identify and track anticipated benefits, and determining how best to keep Congress and other stakeholders informed as the effort progresses.