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Georgia Woman Convicted In Double Brokering Scheme

On May 15, 2012, Tina Blyth, pled guilty in U.S. District Court, Macon, Georgia, to a mail fraud charge in conjunction with her involvement in a double brokering scheme.   

This investigation revealed that Ms. Blyth used the internet to access web sites where senders advertised loads of commercial freight that were available for transport.  Ms. Blyth then bid on those freight loads using the names of her various companies which were listed as having broker authority with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.  Ms. Blyth was then awarded the bids, leading the sender to believe her trucking business would deliver the freight for the contracted price.  Senders paid Ms. Blyth; however, after accepting the bid to deliver the load of freight, Ms. Blyth immediately re-advertised the job on the internet, using a different company name.  Ms. Blyth accepted bids from legitimate trucking companies to ship the freight from the sender to the intended destination, never disclosing that she had already arranged for the sender to deliver payment to her.  Sentencing is set for August 30, 2012. 

This investigation was worked jointly with the Decatur County Sheriff’s Office, Decatur, Georgia.