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FAA Has Not Ensured All Check Pilots Meet Training and Observation Requirements

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The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) currently relies on more than 4,000 check pilots to help evaluate and ensure our nation’s commercial airline pilots have the knowledge, skills, and ability to fly large, passenger aircraft. In addition, FAA has authorized about 600 check pilots as aircrew program designees (APDs) to act on behalf of the Agency to certificate pilots and oversee check pilots. Given the importance of check pilots to FAA’s oversight of pilot safety, we initiated this audit to assess the effectiveness of FAA’s processes for (1) approving air carrier check pilots and APDs and (2) conducting check pilot and APD oversight.
We found that FAA’s processes are insufficient to ensure that required training and observations for check pilots and APDs are completed or documented prior to approval. For example, although FAA is required to verify that check pilot applicants have completed mandatory training and have been observed by an FAA inspector, FAA inspectors did not meet these requirements for 40 out of 258 check pilots we reviewed. In addition, after being authorized, check pilots must continue to meet recurring training and observation requirements. However, we found that nine check pilots at one carrier did not receive any recurring training in 2015, including four that had not received training since 2012 yet are still serving as check pilots. This occurred in part because neither FAA’s guidance nor its risk-based oversight tool specifies that inspectors verify recurrent training requirements. FAA’s guidance and training is also insufficient regarding oversight of check pilots at air carriers with Advanced Qualification Program (AQP) training programs. As a result, FAA is not ensuring that carriers are consistently meeting check pilot requirements.
FAA concurred with six of our seven recommendations to improve oversight of check pilots and APDs. We are requesting additional information for one recommendation.


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No. 1 to FAA
Modify periodic training provided to FAA inspectors to include information on the importance of verifying check pilot qualifications prior to approval. 
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No. 2 to FAA
Clarify inspector guidance on performing and documenting APD training and observations to ensure authorization requirements are fulfilled.
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No. 3 to FAA
Modify internal audit policies to ensure FAA audits provide accurate and thorough assessments of APD oversight at each office.
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No. 4 to FAA
Develop and implement guidance requiring inspectors, or their designees, to verify that check pilots have met training requirements prior to performing recurrent observations. 
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No. 5 to FAA
Modify requirements within the risk-based oversight tool (SAS) for inspectors to ensure a sufficient number of check pilot records are evaluated to assess the accuracy of air carrier training. 
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No. 6 to FAA
Clarify surveillance requirements and the inspectors’ role overseeing check pilots under AQP. 
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No. 7 to FAA
Develop and implement a training program on how to approve and oversee check pilots under AQPs for inspectors assigned to carriers using those programs.