Office of Auditing and Evaluation


Principal Assistant Inspector General for Auditing & Evaluation

Joseph Comé

As Principal Assistant Inspector General for Auditing and Evaluation, Mr. Comé leads the audit division of the DOT OIG, directing all OIG audits related to DOT programs and its agencies. He assumed this role in May 2016.

Mr. Comé previously served as the Deputy Principal Inspector General for Auditing and Evaluation at OIG. As deputy chief of the audit group, he oversaw reviews impacting key safety, infrastructure, and financial programs at DOT. He also has specific responsibility for formulating the IG’s audit plan and promoting process improvements. His past audit work at DOT has covered a number of high-profile topics including DOT’s oversight of grants provided under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, cost and schedule concerns with multi-billion dollar transit projects, and critical highway safety programs, such as DOT’s efforts to identify automotive defects. Mr. Comé has testified before Congress and the National Transportation Safety Board on his work.

Mr. Comé joined DOT OIG in 1999, received the Secretary’s Award for Meritorious Achievement in 2004, and was named to the Senior Executive Service in 2008. Prior to joining DOT, he worked 17 years at the U.S. Department of Defense in the Office of the Secretary and Inspector General.

Mr. Comé received a B.A. in Political Science from Edinboro State University. He also received a M.A. in Public Administration with a concentration in financial management from the University of Pittsburgh’s Graduate School of International and Public Affairs.

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