Office of Acquisition & Procurement Audits

Assistant Inspector General for Acquisition & Procurement Audits

Mary Kay Langan-Feirson

As Assistant Inspector General for Acquisition and Procurement Audits, Ms. Langan-Feirson oversees DOT OIG auditing efforts related to Departmental acquisition activities on Federal contracts as well as financial assistance or grant recipient contract award and oversight activities. The topics covered by the audit group she leads covers all operating administrations within DOT and frequently involves the provision of acquisition expertise to other audit groups as part of their performance reviews. 

Ms. Langan-Feirson joined the DOT OIG in March 2011, bringing with her over 30 years of acquisition experience with DOT programs and projects.   She previously served as a senior attorney in DOT’s Office of the General Counsel where she reviewed and provided legal advice on contracts and served as a legal advisor on major system acquisitions and DOT acquisition oversight matters. She managed the legal work on the DOT Headquarter's Project involving lease, construction, and contract management matters and provided advice on the FAA's AAS Cost and Schedule Task Force, Secretary's Safety Review Task Force, as well as served as the legal advisor to the DOT's Investment Review Board for several years. She is the recipient of the Secretary's Silver Award for Meritorious Achievement on Departmental Procurement Programs and several other Secretarial and General Counsel Awards for advice on major system acquisitions and procurements throughout the Department.

Ms. Langan-Feirson received a B.A., with honors, in Political Science from the University of Arizona in 1977, and received a J.D., cum laude, from the University of Maryland in 1980. She is an active member of the DC Bar and also holds a Master’s Certificate in Government Contract Management from the George Washington School of Business.

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