Audit Reports

September 30, 2005

Audit of the Management of Land Acquired Under Airport Noise Compatibility Programs

Project ID: AV-2005-078


On September 30, we issued our final report on FAA's management of airport noise land. We found that each of the 11 airports in our review have Airport Improvement Program (AIP)-funded noise land that either is no longer required for such purposes or does not have a documented need for airport development. We also found that FAA program oversight and guidance need to be strengthened. We recommended that FAA have all airports with AIP-funded noise land: (1) implement written, FAA-approved plans for disposing of noise land that is no longer needed for such purposes or for airport development; (2) either return the proceeds from any dispositions to the Trust Fund or reinvest them in other FAA-approved noise mitigation projects at the airports; and (3) make disposal of unneeded noise land a high priority and maintain sustained surveillance of such land.