Audit Reports

January 18, 2001

Transportation Security excerpt from the January 18, 2001 Top DOT Management Challenges report

Project ID: PT-2001-017


OIG identified security –– especially aviation security –– as one of the Top 10 management challenges facing the Department of Transportation. In that report, we identified the following key issues: 1) maximizing the effectiveness and usage of explosives detection equipment; 2) completing pending rulemakings on certification of screening companies, airport access requirements, 3) accounting for active airport identification media (airport ID) used to access secure airport areas; 4) implementing the Airport Security Improvement Act of 2000, which will strengthen background investigation requirements for airport personnel; and 5) finalizing the draft DOT surface transportation security research strategy, based on recommendations from the National Research Council. We found that DOT needed to: 1) maximize effectiveness and usage of explosives detection equipment; 2) improve employee compliance with access control requirements; 3) improve screener performance; 4) strengthen employee background investigation requirements; and 5) properly account for airport identification cards.